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How to decide how much custom plastic bag price is? (1)

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 How to decide how much custom plastic bag price is? (1)
Today, most of the plastic bag market is based on custom plastic bags, so lead to plastic bag specifications are complex, many consumers to the plastic manufacturers when the consultation is often only to seek a quote, which is very embarrassing, because different styles, Specifications of the product price difference is very large, the pricing standards are not the same, even if the market common plastic bags, but also because the different prices of raw materials, so whether it is ordered or sold, have the knowledge of plastic bags have a system Understand, or answer the question and answer, the following we will briefly introduce the decision under the plastic bag price of several important factors.
1, plastic bag style
This has played a decisive role in the price, the variety of plastic bags, handbags, vest bags, tear bags, flat pockets, etc., different styles of its production process, production efficiency is different, some products of its production process Simple, easy to shape, the price is relatively cheap, and vice versa relatively high prices, some products are high production efficiency, can be mass production through the machine, the price is relatively low, and some low production efficiency, through manual or half Manual production, the price is relatively high.
2, plastic bags of raw materials
Different raw materials to determine the different prices, raw materials, including plastic particles, additives, etc., some products using the original raw materials, processed products fineness is very good, the price is high, and some raw materials are recycled through the regeneration path, processed out Of the product fineness, and good products have a world of difference, the price is very low, the additive is also the case, in fact, raw materials and costs are proportional to the higher the cost of raw materials, the higher the price, the higher the price.
3, plastic bag size specifications
In the plastic bag trading is often asked is the specifications, but usually we generally use centimeters to calculate the size, size, including length, width, width of the three benchmark data, the size of the size of the plastic bag determines the amount of raw materials required And the size of the printing area, it is also proportional to the cost, the larger the price the higher the price.
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