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Aluminium foil bag and compound bag’s specific differences

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Aluminum foil bag is one kind of compound bag, sealing machine based on the unique properties of aluminum in aluminum and other barrier material made into aluminum foil bag after a dry compound products.
Compound bag main thin-film substrate: outer printable film CPPPE BOPABOPETBOPP inner sealing membrane, and co-extruded film. AL (aluminium foil), usually as a middle layer these materials according to the requirements, composite  membrane sealing machine with glue into plastic barrels.
Aluminum foil bag common structures: PET/PA/PE or CPPPET/AL/CPPPA/AL/CPPPET/PA0/AL/CPP
Aluminium foil bag and compound bag’s specific differences

Aluminum foil bag for basic characteristics : PE suitable for low temperature use, CPP suitable for high temperature cooking of the PA is to increase physical strength, puncture resistance, AL is to increase the barrier properties of aluminum foil, sealing machine shading tea is generally used as a middle-tier PET, increase the mechanical strength, square. Toy sucking plastic sealing machine then according to needs, combination, various performance, also has transparent of, to increased barrier sex。
Aluminum foil bag of significantly advantages: Resistance oxygen  and Resistance wet
It can using resistance water PVA high barrier coating.
1.Aluminum foil bag has metal gloss, filling sealing machine on heat and light has high of reflection capacity, and aluminum foil bag of printing color more fine bright.
2. Aluminum foil bag’s isolated performance is good, protection performance strong, has not through gas and moisture of features, Sucking plastic sealing machine thus can effective prevent within loaded real sucking tide and the gasification, easily by bacteria and insects of against, shape stability good, not by humidity changes effects.
3. Aluminum foil bag used shield or wash de for part plated aluminum, can obtained arbitrary pattern and arbitrary transparent window, foil sealing machine thus let customer can see packaging content real, this is aluminum foil bag production technology of a major progress, is aluminum foil bag of a significantly features.
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