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Effect of PP packaging material for packing bags

Author:plastic bag wholesaler    Time:15/11/04    Click:
    One of the biggest flaws PP performance is poor low temperature performance, PP homopolymer in OcC has showed a greater brittleness. Eastman chemical company to develop Plascolyn7M R1140 amorphous resin with high softening temperature (140 ℃), and PP can improve formability. It is composed of C9 through polymerization and hydrogenation feedstock prepared in two steps. Plas-tolyntM R1140 and good compatibility with PP, PP can be improved amorphous zones Tg, to improve the stiffness (modulus) PP film PP film to improve performance.

     5% of PlastolynTM R1140 can increase the stiffness by 30%, the tensile strength also improved, increasing the gloss and transparency; add 8% ~ lOc7e BOPP or CPP can be improved when the folding (dead - fold) and can be twisted sex (twistability):

If the core of the CPP to join 12,010 of PlastolynTR1140 make CPP has a high stiffness and folding the film feel good, even without corona treatment on the metal has good compatibility.

    Shrink film packaging of goods so that more fit body, beautiful, like an integral part of the package. BOPP shrink film can be used as a paper jam box shrink wrap film, shrink film which not only protects the box, you can also print. Common BOPP shrink film, the biggest contraction rate is 3%, but the shrinkage after adding Plastolyn rM R1140 BOPP heat setting the film reached 15%; ordinary film prepared by simply adding lOo / c, ~ 12% of Plastolyn rM R1140 resin. After adding PlastolynTMR1140 BOPP processing temperature can be reduced: the extrusion temperature can be reduced 5 ℃, the stretching temperature to reduce 10 0C, thus reducing processing costs, but also makes low Ml of PP also has good processability. After adding 5010 PlastolynTM R1140 increase the stiffness of BOPP film, the shrinkage rate reached 8%, and improve the film gloss and transparency.
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