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Global stocks plummeting as British vote for EU output

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 An employee of a foreign exchange trading company works as can be seen between the British Union flag and an EU flag in Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2016

An employee of a foreign exchange trading company works as can be seen between the British Union flag and an EU flag in Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2016

A British voice Europ Pean Union sent Sterling falls on Friday and go Mmert actions in the world as turmoil swept the global M Markets. exit 

Such a serious blow to the global confidence k The Federal Reserve could also prevent prices from interest Inspiring, as expected this year, and maybe even a new round of political emergency caused by all the major central banks ease. 

risky assets were br Strips, as investors fled to the traditional refuge s R of the top-rated government debt, Japanese yen and gold. 

Billions were wiped off the value of shares as FTSE futures fell 7 percent FFIc1, EMINI S & amp; P 500 futures ESC1 5 percent and Nikkei .N225 7.6 percent in Japan. The Euro pean Aktienm Markets had to establish STXEc1 open more than 10 percent less. 

The British pound collapsed no less than 18 US cents, easily gr you decline of living memory, the lowest since 1985. The euro shot slipped in turn 3.2 percent to $ 1.1012 EUR =, since investors feared for its very future. 

An almost completely Quantcast results showed a 51.8 split / 48.2 percent to leave, the United Kingdom has put on an uncertain path and gr ten setback for European-European efforts to make a unit ere gr forge since the Second World War. 

Sterling fell an incredible 10.1 percent at one point and was at $ 1.3582 GBP = fell to $ 1.5022 range carved $ 1.3228 have. The decline was even gr er as w While the global financial crisis and the W Currency to move two or three hundred a wink. 

"It is an au ergew Similar Movement for Finanzm markets And also for democracy," said the co-director of the London-year portfolio investment Lar W Specialist currency World Millennium Richard Benson. 

"The market rate cuts from the great room of central banks is price and we assume it is a global liquidity T of them in n Will add next few hours," he added . 

The shock waves affected all asset classes and regions. 
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