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How food bags is to ensure food safety

Author:plastic bag manufacturer    Time:15/12/15    Click:
    First, the packaging film to meet the national standards, not shoddy. Food companies must first understand their own food bags what material; followed by packaging companies to find a regular order processing. As some food companies who lack professional knowledge of packaging materials and the simple pursuit of low-cost, the situation appears to be fool from time to time. Composite bags, for example, many foods for vacuum packaging, such bags shall have at least one layer of material nylon package, but the market some of the jerry package bag, no nylon material, but the use of PET plastic (PET) because the nylon material twice as expensive than PET. The result is crisp bag is not soft, puncture resistance is weak, resulting in food packaging leak, broken bags, not worth the candle, economic losses and the negative impact of low-cost shopping bags far higher than the cost savings. Also new packaging materials such as seven co-extruded bags, should be a minimum of two layers of nylon, but some use a layer, and nylon content low, and some also use the smuggling of garbage material, more problems. Such bags poor barrier properties, easy to break, intolerant of high temperatures. Currently on the market there are circumstances when in aluminum bags foil bags to sell food companies, but also the need for timely identification and prevent fraud.

    Second, the food bags to meet food safety and quality requirements. 1, the food industry should claim bags packaging film manufacturers use in line with national standards. The composite material of the bag to use environment-friendly, do not use benzene and other harmful substances in dry composite plastic packaging, because the solvent easily penetrate contaminated food. 2, food bags to be smooth. No scratches, burns, bubbles and wrinkles, no virtual closure. Flat is not only aesthetic requirements, but also in respect of the quality of food, if not flat seal bags for high-temperature cooking or freezing of food packaging, it is easy to crack. 3, printed to use green materials. QS standard requirements for food packaging may not be detected benzene solvent harmful to human health, but because of benzene solvent benzene than environmentally friendly, non-ketone solvent prices about 30% lower, and brightness, color fastness is better, so many bags printing, also use this type of material, contaminated food issues often arise. 4, the production of food packaging bags standard production environment to avoid contamination during bag food bags.

    Third, food packaging tailored for the food business. Bags of food production enterprises according to enterprise product packaging needs, select the appropriate packaging materials and processing technology, customers avoid unnecessary costs. In grains bags, for example, now many manufacturers require the use of grains in appearance, freshness good vacuum plastic packaging. Some companies choose a bag, think low cost. But in fact the quality of performance for cereals packaging bags multilayer coextrusion material production, cost and complex the same. Because the thickness of the composite material to reach 100 microns, and the thickness of the multilayer co-extruded material reaches 90 microns, its puncture resistance, softness, freshness to meet quality requirements of, and because the material is a hot melt process, do not use sticky Mixture, food safety is guaranteed.
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