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How to detect toxic food packaging bags?

Author:plastic bag manufacturer    Time:16/01/04    Click:
Food packaging is called "special food additives".It is the last procedure of the modern food industry, to a certain extent, food packaging bags have become an important part of an integral.But the food packaging industry in our country face the situation is not optimistic.So, for us, and how to do?

In everyone's life will encounter many different forms of "sugar-coated cannonball", such as psychological, physical and so on.But there is a kind of want to experience everyday, and intensified.This is the "sugar-coated cannonball" food, food packaging bags.Food packaging is called "special food additives", it is the last procedure of the modern food industry, to a certain extent, food packaging has become an important part of an integral.But the food packaging industry in our country face the situation is not optimistic.So, for us, and how to do?

Ever seen such a report: DingXi County in gansu province is famous for is rich in high quality potato, potato chips in a food factory is listed, however, the factory in the quality inspection found a similar product in the family is decorated in a strange taste.By lanzhou university chemical laboratory analysis, the odor from the packing bag of potato chips.Lanzhou city pledges inspect bureau after analysis and testing, make sure the smell from the residue of benzene in the bag.Results show that the packing bags of chips of residual benzene exceed bid more than 3 times, exceeds bid badly.

Similar this kind of event, can be said to have become common.At present, food packaging materials, especially the disposable tableware products on the market management is very chaotic, shoddy and fake food packaging materials, a serious threat to consumer's health, but also affect the food packaging industry in our country, and even the healthy development of the entire food industry.Released by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine food packaging (film), the results show that in addition to the general plastic bags, special food sack sampling percent of pass is 15%.One of the main problem is that the health indicators do not conform to the national standard and product physical and mechanical properties is poor.Based on traditional process produced food packaging inevitably doping harmful material such as benzene, toluene solvent, although the vast majority volatile out in the manufacturing process, but a small amount of solvent residues between the composite film, with the passage of time, from the membrane surface infiltration into the food metamorphism and stale.So, concerned expert points out, the unqualified food packaging in the process of using, especially eating those bad food can have a bad influence on human health, especially to the development of children and adolescents have hidden dangers.

    At present there are many different kinds of food packaging bags, mainly made of two kinds of plastic film: one kind is made of raw materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and ammonia;Another use of PVC.Of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a toxic species, although non-toxic PVC resin itself, but in the process of production to join plasticizer, the toxicity is produced.Adding stabilizer, in addition, some plastic products and stabilizer are mainly lead stearate, one of the lead salt precipitation extremely easily, once inhaled can cause lead poisoning savings, endangering the health of consumers.
Identify toxic food packaging bags

Plastic bags have non-toxic available the following simple method to identify:

Water test, the plastic bag into the water, non-toxic plastic bags into the water, can emerge;The toxic plastic bags are not to rise.

Touching the test: touch bags, with sense of lubrication is non-toxic;Otherwise, toxic.

Forcibly seize the plastic bag end, with the hand shake test: clap, issued a ringing sound non-toxic;Toxic conversely.
Fire tests: you can cut the plastic bag to an edge, burn, toxic won't burn;Non-toxic fire burn.
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