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Meat packaging materials for food packaging bags

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Processed meat, ham, sausage) in low salt, low quantity of heat at the same time, using aseptic packaging and gas filling packaging.Growth on the ham, sausage, raw meat microorganisms have streptococcus, pseudomonas, micrococcus, leuconostoc, lactobacillus, etc of poor heat resistance bacteria, and clostridium botulinum and heat resistance of bacteria.
Meat packaging, packaging materials and features is as follows.

(1) aseptic cans.America USES, mostly used for packing beef stew, meat paste, broth, etc., by the high temperature steam sterilization.

(2) inflatable packaging.Packaging material for PET/PF_ OPP/PE. Cheap gas.Packing sausages, beef, mixed sausage
And so on.

(3) inert gas sealed packaging.For senior, senior beef sausage, mixed sausage, such as packaging materials become KM/PE. The KOP/CPP, OPP/QS/CPP, gas and water vapor barrier property is good.

(4) on the surface of packing method.Used for packaging of bacon (a kind of meat processing goods), sausage, ham, sausage, etc.Packaging materials become IONO killing/E - VAL/EVA, IONOMER/PVDC/EVA, I use EVAL and PVDC insulation resistance of gases, hot sex with E - VA,

(5). Deep pressure vacuum packing.Used for packaging of ham, sausage, roast pork.Packaging material substrate for nylon/PE, nylon/IONOMER, the cover material for OPP/PE, PET/PE or ILNOM ER - NY/PE or IONOMER.

(6) sequence type dense packing.Packaging ham, salami, sausage.Packaging material for soft PVC/PVDC, PVC/PVDC/EVA into film, hard material for PVC film.
Close the package all landowners.Packaging ham, sausage pills.Packing materials for IONOMER/EVAL/E - VA, IONOMER/PVDC/EVA, PVC/PVDC/EVA pressure into the membrane.
Today the vacuum shrinkable packaging.Packaging the whole or a half piece of ham, whole or half of the sausage.Packaging materials for EVA/PVDC/EVD, vacuum packing after heat shrinkage.

Pet-name ruby jet device.Packaging ham and sausage.Packaging materials of PVDC.

Attending retort pouch packing.Packaging hamburgers, meat, etc.Packaging material of PET/PVDC/CPP, PET/Al/CPP.

Processed meat is protein foods, microbiological pollution and make the color change problem, bagged products in general
118 ℃ sterilization 35 ~ 40 min, the jet device packaging products 120 ℃ in the distillation kettle sterilization 10 ~ 27 min, can all make

Corruption of meat processed products of microbes, kept in room temperature for 3 months.

To make ham and sausage products long-term preservation, USES the following bags and anticorrosion method: make the meat processed products again after nearly frozen section, and prevent the tool to pollution.Seal charge 100% nitrogen, or carbon dioxide gas can reduce the pH, prevent microbial growth.Packaging materials with EVA or polyvinylidene chloride with good sex of isolation of multilayer films.Gas filling packaging products, sold in under 10 ℃.
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