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Packaging bags how to choose? Packaging bags procurement skills

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  There are a lot of customers in the selection of bags for the first time is a permanent goal, don't know your company needs what kind of bag;Don't know what products need specifications of the packaging bags;Also don't know what  products need the packing bag of material.This time is compared to peers,  think others is that you also want to do similar, in other words is the exploration to follow suit the in the mind, so how to choose and buy bags?

  Customer need packaging bags, and need to ask whether there is a design draft, the size is how much, how many color printing, how many quantity, etc.When these are not clear:

  Packaging procurement skills:

  1. Please advertising company to design a packing bags, make it clear to them what you think, requirements, purposes, etc.They designed a basic articles, and then modified.

  Or direct consultation YLT company of packaging wholesale also has a specialist recommended bags for you free of charge, model, etc. Can be one step.
Packaging bags wholesale
Packaging bags

  2.After completion of the design draft general will know the relevant dimensions, printing and other information.Such packaging manufacturer only choose material and contrast the price problem.In general, industry to choose different materials are different, the issues related to customer service and packaging sales staff can give some advice.

  3. Here we need to pay attention to is that you may take the design draft and ask price, but the price of different packaging manufacturer to provide is varied, at this time will need to ask what is the price they quoted material, are several layers of composite, what specific layers of materials and other information.

  4. This information is confirmed, and also confirm the late production date, date of delivery and product quality guarantee and a series of problems.In general production date need 7 ~ 12 production cycle.And later problems, product design, plastic packaging products company will sole responsibility, rework or production for you.But if the cause of the improper packing is used, can timely provide you with some methods of use, etc.
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