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What kind of plastic packaging, and usage

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Flexible packaging refers to the packing or after remove the built-in objects, container shape can change of packing.Paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and their compounds made all kinds of bags, boxes, set for flexible packaging, coating, etc.

Plastic bag production’s classification

1,Plastic bag according to the composite process classification
1) Dry coating organic solvent adhesive compound soft package;
2) Wet coating inorganic adhesive compound soft package;
3) Squeeze film laminated composite bag;
4) Multilayer co-extrusion by more than two (the head) compound soft package;
5) Heat flux coated compound soft package;
6) Without solvent (that is, the solid adhesive compound soft package;
7) Physical vapor deposition compound soft package;
8) Mixed type compound soft package;
9) The foregoing method combined compound soft package, etc.

2, Plastic bag according to the composite material classification
1) the paper and paper;
2) paper and metal foil;
3) paper and plastic film;
4) plastic film and plastic film;
5) plastic and metal foil;
6) plastic and metal film,
7) plastic film and substrate materials;
8) plastic membrane with inorganic compounds;
9) plastic film and organic compound membrane;
10) amorphous plastic film and plastic film;
11) base material and nano class superfine particle composite;
12) substrate coated or impregnated special additives
13) composite multi-layer composite, etc.

3, Plastic bag according to the complex shape classification
1) area (even) composite;
2) partial composite, such as only in the packing sealing parts or reinforcement of composite reinforcement or give some function;
3) compact or compound bag, special feature set in one place and will play the overall function;
4) gradient composite (or called non-uniform compound), according to the need in the composite film thickness direction (or the length direction) change, component, or concentration of adding material thickness;
5) special compound, such as the composite mesh grain, etc.Which is 3, 4, and 5 kinds of green technology.
Plastic bag
Plastic bag
4, Plastic bag according to the compound function classification
1) enhanced composite packaging;
2) high permeability type composite packaging air, the water resistance and oil resistance (resistance).
3) anti-corrosion type (corrosion rust) composite packaging;
4) the electromagnetic field (dry sorrow) composite packaging;
5) antistatic composite packaging;
6) biological composite packaging (fruit hot, fish live, insect-resistant, mouldproof,);
7) fresh composite packaging (fruits and vegetables and meat);
8) for cooking composite packaging (such as cooking, microwave oven, etc.);
9) intelligent composite packaging;
10) superfine nanometer composite packaging.

5.Plastic bag according to application category: ordinary, boiled, cooking.Ordinary packaging refers to the content to be included in the package under normal temperature;Boiled packaging usually require packaging materials in 99 degrees of resistance to water 30 minutes;Cooking is 121 degrees and 135 degrees of two different applications.
6. Plastic bag according to the printing way points: table printing, composite, printed in the composite.Table printing refers to the ink printing on the packaging
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