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The application of PE bags

Author:plastic bag wholesaler    Time:15/10/21    Click:
     In shelf period, also need to keep the food aroma, such as some breakfast food or cereal, etc., the fragrance of the food cannot be best adsorption in the packaging or by packaging material penetration to the outside world, especially in some fruits and gram force packaging need high barrier property of packaging material.HDPE sheet, which with polyamide (PA) high barrier layer composite preparation of multi-layer composite packaging film can improve the barrier property of aromatic flavor.Compared. Some grain requires low OTR and barrier property of aromatic flavor good packaging material, so that we can to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant smell at the top of the bag air. There are many other foods, such as fresh meat, poultry, O2 have fresh vegetables should be stored in the environment, especially the fresh meat in different packing will show the different appearance and affect its shelf life.If you want to save for a long time (more than 21 d) is required for 02 vacuum packaging, with high barrier property of fresh meat from hypoxia can present purple: if store fresh meat in low 02 barrier property of the materials, it showed an bright red color. But the corresponding shelf life after less than 12 d - case requires low density polyethylene (ULDPE) and metallocene polyethylene (m - PE) film as the barrier layer. These materials have excellent durability and tear resistance.
    Fresh poultry should be packed in the O2 is usually secondary barrier property (1100 ~ 1500 cc/m2 / d) of the packaging materials in order to improve the shelf life, avoid to produce peculiar smell and harmful gas.HDPE multi-layer composite membrane can be used as their packaging. Single or multi-layer structure of LLDPE and ULDPE can provide durable thorn in composite membrane and the tear resistance, many literature reported by altering atmosphere packaging (MAP) can extend the shelf life of food.According to the metabolic rate by packages and packaging head space optimization design (o: and Co2) to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, in the high water vapor barrier property, low 02 and barrier property of packaging materials in the contents of our fleet can improve the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.Due to good barrier property, heat sealing and transparency, LDPE and m - PE film is widely used for packing of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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