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The use of PPO in plastic bags

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    PPO plastic, Chinese name is called polyphenyl ether.It has high rigidity, heat resistance, flame retardant, high strength, excellent electrical performance advantages.In addition, polyphenylene ether has the advantages of wear resistance, non-toxic, resistant to pollution.PPO of dielectric constant and dielectric loss is one of the smallest varieties in engineering plastics, barely affected by temperature, humidity, and can be used for low, middle, high frequency electric field.PPO thermal deformation temperature can reach 190 ℃ above, brittle temperature is 170 ℃.

1. The connotation of green plastic flexible packaging

About green plastic soft packing is not yet a complete unified definition.In general, to be able to cycle reuse, recycling, or degradation of corruption, and in the life of the product do not cause pollution to the human body and the environment moderate packaging, known as the green plastic packaging.The meaning of green plastic packaging is the most important is to protect the environment, at the same time also with the significance of renewable resources.Specifically, it should have the following meanings.

(1) the packaging reduction green plastic packaging to meet the function such as protection, convenience, and sales conditions, the dosage should be at least moderate packaging.In order to save resources and energy, at the same time minimizing number of packaging waste.

(2) should be easy to recycle or easy to recycling through repeated use for many times, or by recycling wastes, production of renewable products, burning, composting, improving soil, using heat to achieve the purpose of recycling.

(3) waste may not form permanent rubbish of degradation of corruption, not recycling of packaging waste to decompose corruption, and then achieve the goal of improving soil.

(4) the material of the human body and organisms should be nontoxic and harmless packaging materials should not contain toxic elements, heavy metal, halogen, or containing quantity should be controlled in the following related standards.

(5) in the whole life cycle of plastic packaging products, both should not produce pollution to the environment pollution caused by packaging products from raw materials acquisition, materials processing, manufacturing products, product use, waste recycling, until the final disposal of the whole process of life does not deal with the human body and the environment pollution.

According to the above requirements of green plastic packaging, plastic flexible packaging industry both process and material selection, are experiencing a profound change in a green.
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