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Vacuum bags common problems

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Q1, why will leak after vacuum packing?
  Daily use of vacuum bags, there may be a flat, and so on and so forth,then what is the situation leading to leak it?

  First of all, make it clear packaging manufacturers reason or reasons. If the seal is not tight, and when there is no vacuum sealed bags, or that heat is not enough, there is no compression, and this will lead to leakage.

  Secondly, vacuum packaging the quality is not qualified. For example, manufacturers in the production such as quality not locked well, pinhole, that will also produce a flat.

  Finally, it may be hard pumping vacuum packing of goods, easily punctured bags cause leaks.

vacuum packing
vacuum packing

Q2, vacuum packaging bags have what use?

  The biggest feature is that you can vacuum bags vacuum, no oxidation survival, zero contact with the outside air. A bag of food to prevent corrosion, deterioration, moisture and prolong the retention period.

Q3, What is the main role of the vacuum bag is?

  Vacuum bags main role is to extend the shelf life of food, protecting the food had some nutrients and moisture, thereby ensuring non-perishable food. When the flow of food, and when the lights were of direct sunlight, and at high temperatures, are easy to make food oxidation. Color, taste and other phenomena, such as the selection of vacuum bags, inflatable packaging technology and echoes of packaging materials.

Q4, how to choose the thickness of the vacuum bag?

  Vacuum packing bag thickness depends on the importance of composite vacuum packing bag former monolayer film thickness and uniformity.How to choose the thickness, we first refer to the opinions of the customer, the customer can feel how thick and then we according to the food to properly adjust the thickness of the packaging bags.Of course not vacuum bags as thick as possible.

  The above four points, we usually buy bags to consider the issue, and I hope the procurement of vacuum bags help.

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