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Vacuum bags bulging bags phenomenon how to do?

Author:Vacuum bags wholesale    Time:14/07/20    Click:
    In some packed in vacuum bags we can also can appear good food bag, the drum phenomenon.On some vacuum bags, also explained as a phenomenon of bulge bag, please do not eat.

    Vacuum bags can cut off food and air outside, so inhibit bacteria reproduction, improves the shelf life of food, but the vacuum bags should be refrigerated
    Many cooked using vacuum packaging, so we can cut off food contact with the outside air, inhibit bacteria reproduction.But the vacuum packaging of cooked food products often also need to be refrigerated, there are three main reasons: one is the packaging before the food itself may contain bacteria;Second, the air in the packaging can't smoke clean, a small amount of air will provide the conditions for bacteria breeding;Three are some of the meat food vacuum packaging, due to rich nutrition, water more, more suitable for bacterial growth, and low temperature can inhibit bacteria reproduction.

vacuum bags wholesale
vacuum bags

    With the development of sterilization and preservation technologies, some unfavorable and long-term storage of food, can also be saved for a long time now.Brought convenience to daily life.But the vacuum packing bag is not absolutely safe, on the one hand, vacuum packaging may provide some anaerobic bacteria survival environment, once has the anaerobic bacteria breeding in the vacuum packaging of food, it is possible to cause food poisoning, and this kind of bacteria can reproduce at low temperatures, corrupts the food in the fridge.Generally, on the other hand, vacuum-packed meat at room temperature for a period of 20 days or so, so even if the vacuum packaging of food, should be eaten as soon as possible.

 Vacuum bags bulge bag phenomenon?When there is this bulge bag products, products are the best don't eat any more.
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