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Vacuum packaging is what material to do better?

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What is the Vacuum packing bag?

    Vacuum packing bags, put the product was into airtight containers, removing air inside the container, so to achieve a predetermined degree of vacuum in the container after sealing a packaging method. Also known as decompression vacuum packaging, the packaging container is air sealed inside all out to maintain the bag in a high vacuum state, scarce air hypoxia equivalent effect, no microorganisms living conditions, Keep the food fresh .

Vacuum packing bag

Vacuum packing
How to choose the vacuum packing bag materials?
What material is suitable for vacuum packaging plastic flexible packaging materials?
PET-- printing effect,
PA -- low oxygen permeability, 
AL-- strong barrier, opacity, 
PE -- inner Material and can touch the food directly 
PA/PE --- It can withstand 120 ℃ high temperature cooking

Now use the vacuum bag range has been infiltrated into all sectors, whether in the supermarket or the market can see all kinds of food vacuum packaging. Wide range of uses, but is still the main aspects of food packaging.

In vacuum bags of our company's main products, the requirements of the materials used and vacuum packing are similar.
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