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What pay attention to the Rice bags customized

Author:Rice bags customized    Time:14/09/06    Click:
    When the choose and buy rice, bulk weigh and buy the whole bag.And bags when buying the whole bag is divided into different, knitting belt, vacuum bags, composite bags, generally weaving belt on the rice are large packaging, some stores will sell these to come loose.For now the small family, because everyday when we eat at home is not much, metamorphism, easy to get too much so like to buy 20 kg, 10 kg or 5 kg of rice.Another reason is, of course, the rice taste and quality is relatively good.

 rice food packaging bags customized
 rice food packaging bags

 rice food packaging bags wholesale
    As shown, it is our company production of rice bags, strictly speaking is vacuum bag, because can realize vacuum effect.Custom-made rice bags would print some basic information, such as rice manufacturer, date of production, brand LOGO, green marks, etc.Sealing organ structure, in this kind of bag is not shown too clear when pictures were taken, coping with the handle, convenient handling of consumers.

    Our company is specialized in the production of rice food packaging bags, rice bags, sealing organ in the big bag, we are tailored for your rice bags.
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