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Frozen food and quick-frozen food packaging material selection in different

Author:Packaging wholesale    Time:14/07/12    Click:
  How to choose the bags, frozen and quick-frozen food are more and more, so What is the role of the frozen food and quick- frozen food packaging?

  First of all, to ensure the food not stale, speed of freezing etc.So for frozen food and quick-frozen food in terms of the choice of food packaging and what are the differences?This article YLT bring everyone to look at some of the differences between the frozen food and quick-frozen food.

 frozen food packaging
frozen food packaging

1,Packing bags in the performance of the different

  Frozen food packaging is a bag of food in the freezer, in cold storage method to guarantee the food, in order to prolong the retention period, make non-perishable food.But quick-frozen food packaging is extended under the condition of the quick frozen frozen bag items fresh on the palate.

quick- frozen food packaging
Quick- frozen food packaging

2, Packing bags in the effect of different

  Frozen food packaging used for meat, seafood product packaging.And the wider range of quick-frozen food  as long as there would be a need for refrigeration of food can be frozen, such as the summer is coming, the weather is hot, bought a watermelon, speed of frozen once again take out to eat, taste very good.

3, Packing bags in the choice of materials 

  Quick-frozen food  for higher food materials, not only need to antifreeze resistance, also need a barrier property.
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