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The characteristics and application scope of multi - layer paper bag

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First, multi-layer paper bag material and characteristics
Our production of multi-layer paper bag is based on a number of characteristics and requirements of the filler to the selection, the main material for the quality of kraft paper, including white, color, import, domestic, general, stretch, high breathable different weight and different specifications kraft paper , Double adhesive tape for the substrate, the scientific configuration, and in accordance with the various customer's personalized requirements and the use of a variety of different process structure, combined with high-precision color printing custom multi-layer paper bags. In the layer of the bag or the inner layer can increase the moisture-proof film, aluminum or plastic bags and other lining materials to meet the packaging product packaging performance. Our packaging factory production of multi-layer paper bag is made by the import of professional automatic equipment, the outer material is mainly stretch kraft paper, ordinary kraft paper, colored kraft paper, moisture-proof paper, the main layer of the main material for the paper, plastic film, Aluminum and so on; this process has a full range, printing fine, solid and reliable, buffer damping performance, compact structure, can cover dust and other characteristics, in the international market and domestic environmental protection products widely used in the type of bags.
Third, the application of multi-layer paper bag
Multilayer paper bags for all kinds of dangerous goods and powder-like product packaging, because it is sealed around, can effectively prevent dust and other harmful substances on the contents of the pollution, and not subject to dangerous goods shape constraints, a strong buffer And adaptability; compared with other containers, multi-layer paper bag better protective performance, cushioning shock absorption performance is relatively strong, seamless structure, can shade dust. In addition, due to the adoption of many new processes, the development of new varieties, multi-layer paper bags in the strength, moisture resistance and other aspects have a greater development, commonly used in expensive packaging.
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