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How to resolve package bag small bubbles

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    Composite bags with small bubbles, opaque, hair mist, don't affect the appearance quality, bear but thin from the strength of the composite film, reduce period, is a very bad phenomenon, this article the author will analyze the composite bags small bubbles together with all of you how to solve the related problems.

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1. Basal membrane surface tension is too small, poor invasive, uneven glue, no glue place generation gap, bubbles, this is the film with surface tension big.

2. Composite roller pressure is not enough, or compound roll surface temperature is too low, lack of adhesive activated, liquidity is poor, like branches of colloidal particles flow, bit by bit have small gap, cause tiny bubbles.At this time should improve composite steel roller surface temperature and pressure.Preferably in coating membrane before entering the drying tunnel with reverse all glue stick will scrape to evenness colloidal particles.

3. The Angle between the composite roll and membrane is not appropriate, Angle is too large, especially for rigid material, easy cause buckling even small soup.Carefully adjust the Angle, change the Angle, as far as possible according to tangent into the composite roller.

4. Dust adhesion on the surface of membrane, the dust will be two membrane jacking, empty ring to form a circle, empty ring rough watch is a little bubble, see a black dot in the middle.If you have this kind of phenomenon, we should pay attention to a clean environment, keep the air fresh.With trace water in the adhesive.Therefore, to stay dry in solvents, environmental temperature.

5. Residual solvent, and the permeability of the solvent is poor, solvent gasification form bubbles, between two layers of thin films.So to control the amount of solvent or transmittance basilemma to composite with the solvent.
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