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How to choose a suitable biscuit packaging

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    Cookies as a common food daily life widely popular, cookies taste rich, species diversity, with crisp biscuit, toughness cookies, soda bread, crackers, cookies, biscuit, wafer round biscuits, egg, egg roll, blisters stick biscuits, cookies, etc.So many cookies let consumers dazzling, at the same time, modern health consciousness enhancement, personal taste preferences, alone again afraid adverse to health.What is in the modern market competition, is each biscuit manufacturers need to think about, food packaging manufacturers today to share how to choose appropriate cookies packaging.
    Biscuit packaging should have its representative, can highlight the characteristics of the product character, highlights the connotation of the product quality, will have to pass information timely and accurate feedback to the customers, make consumer resonate in the in the mind and emotions.
    Safety, biscuits health safety index to judge, such as microbial index, preservatives, physical and chemical index, labels, etc.Biscuit packaging to biscuit can inhibit microbial growth;Biscuit packaging bags have biscuits details (production date, shelf-life, ingredients, matters needing attention, etc.), these labels is the main way for consumers to understand product information, are the important of consumers' right to know.
    Quality, biscuit packaging costs and the value of the product, the quality is proportional to the.Biscuits because the cost of production, geared to the needs of different consumer groups, etc, its price and the grade is different, different prices of cookies need cookies packaging in accordance with its value.
    Color, the human is very sensitive to colour, therefore in the process of biscuits sold, color plays a very important role.Colour to be able to distinguish product suddenly want to other similar products, can highlight its own individuality, mentally stimulate consumers.So in cookies on the application of color in packaging design should consider these factors.
    Modelling, give consumers through beautiful biscuit packaging modelling rich visual enjoyment, but be careful not to too heterogeneous model.Biscuit packaging should be based on aesthetic shape, convenient and affordable into consideration, such as through modelling is further enhance product added value.
    Performance, biscuit packaging should choose the material sealing, barrier property as a packing container.Want to have physical strength, at the same time protect biscuits is put in storage, handling, shelves and other damage.
    Choose appropriate biscuit packaging has a good safety protection products, convenient storage and transportation, and consumption, promote sales, your product choose the appropriate packaging?
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