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About plastic bags form and material analysis

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   What is a plastic film?Plastic bags are made of what materials?  Plastic bags are how-forming?Here, this article we analyze for everyone.

1.What plastic film is?

  According to the test: no carbohydrates, as long as certain conditions of temperature and pressure, can flow, and in the form of maintaining a constant temperature known as the plastic material. Now plastic, synthetic resin generally refers to the organic polymer as a basic ingredient.

  At a certain temperature and pressure conditions, it can be molded into a certain shape, and in the constant temperature and can maintain the shape of the material. With the blown or cast made of a processing method, then the thickness of the film is less than 0.254 ~ 0.3mm plastic film.

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plastic bags

2. What is plastic packaging made of?

Here are some common plastic flexible packaging plastic film, this article summarized with 19 kinds of materials for you.

1, PE blown plastic film.
2, CPE extension bit is not cast plastic film.
3, PP blown plastic film;
4, CPP cast unstretched plastic film;
5, OPP-way stretch plastic film;
6, BOPP biaxially oriented plastic film;
7, ZBOPP pearl film biaxially stretched film;
8, XBOPP biaxially oriented plastic film extinction;
9, BOPET biaxially oriented plastic film;
10, PA-bit bidirectional stretched plastic film; main vacuum bag materials.
11, KBOPA biaxially stretched nylon barrier plastic film;
12, PVC film or PVC heat shrinkable plastic film;
13, OPVC kink-way stretch film or tear film;
14, PVA plastic film;
15, PVDC barrier plastic film;
16, PT plastic film (also known as race or race Luo Luo Luo);
17, EVA plastic film;
18, the metal foil AL (rolling aluminum foil or aluminum foil);
19, DAL vacuum deposition of aluminum plastic film; temperature cooking bags used this material more.

3. Packaging is how compound?

  Generally have the following material is suitable for printing into a vacuum bags:
PE Materials: It is suitable for low-temperature vacuum bags. So you need not suitable heating products, frozen seafood use more. 

  RCPP Material: suitable for high temperature cooking bags, so most of retort pouch use of this material.

PA Material: increased physical strength, puncture resistance strength.
PET material: increasing the mechanical strength.
AL Material: Aluminum foil material we often mentioned, there is a high barrier, shade, moisture resistance.
PVA material: increased barrier properties, high barrier coatings.
Generally based on the customer's needs, these materials after the group. Generally:
PA / PE or PA / RCPP

There are also three-layer vacuum bags, vacuum bags four, in order to increase the texture of the material properties:


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