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What is the best material to plastic packing?

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    Our company produces vacuum packaging bags, packaging bags, vacuum aluminum foil bag is composed of plastic flexible packaging, and what is plastic flexible packaging.

    What is the plastic flexible packaging, plastic flexible packaging material is made of plastic or plastic composite.Texture soft, can be used to bag making, package the goods for packaging materials, namely, all kinds of plastic membrane and membrane composite materials.Such as vacuum bags, tea bags are made of plastic flexible packaging composite multilayer material.

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    Plastic packaging materials attention to four points:

1. Plastic packaging brand is various, used widely.In plastic soft packing material not only can be used in a different plastic, using different formula, through between different manufacture process and performance of a variety of thin film, but also can be obtained by different combination of a variety of materials, hundreds of thousands of different varieties, to meet different needs.

2. Different plastic packaging performance, strong adaptability, due to the wide variety of plastic flexible packaging materials, performance is a span, totally different from similar performance, similar to the products are industrial production.

3. Significantly less plastic packaging material consumption, saving resources.Thickness of plastic flexible packaging materials are all in membrane and is fairly small, generally only about 0.04 um, per square material quality is only 0.025 kg, so the soft plastic flexible packaging packaging goods other packaging materials can significantly save resources cost.

4. Plastic packaging price is low.Plastic packaging materials are small and raw material consumption has not only convenient processing, low energy consumption, high efficient molding, comprehensive advantages, thus has the advantages of low price.
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