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What material the vacuum packing bag is better?

Author:vacuum packing wholesale    Time:14/07/31    Click:
    Vacuum packaging materials are diverse, so common is what kind of material?

    The following four kind of material is suitable for vacuum packing materials:

    The first material: PE and RCPP, suitable for low temperature use, carry out.The RCPP suitable for high-temperature cooking bags.

    The second material: PA material, durable performance is good, can increase physical strength.

    A third type of material: AL material, aluminum foil material with high shading, high barrier property, is the preferred vacuum packaging materials.

    The fourth materials: PET, increase the mechanical strength, stiffness.

    Vacuum packaging is multilayer composite material, of course, it will be different, according to the requirements of using a variety of composite materials.

Vacuum packaging wholesale

Several kinds of common composite:

    For now the vacuum packing bag with thin film materials, of course, there are bottled and canned.Effect of the food vacuum bag need to food packaging, beautiful, economy and so on various aspects of advantages.At the same time, food vacuum packaging of material of dark and stability also have higher requirements, it also illustrates the present a kind of material cannot meet these requirements, must be multi-layer composite materials.
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