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What are vacuum packing bags style, how to choose is good?

Author:vacuum packing bag wholesale    Time:14/08/01    Click:
    For vacuum packaging concept, this article to discuss with you what topic is the vacuum packing bag style.

    Vacuum packaging is the need to implement vacuum effect, namely we usually say that the vacuum bag.

Vacuum packaging wholesale
Vacuum packaging

    Vacuum packaging common styles such as three edge-sealing bag, namely three autoregulating, left side pack items after vacuum sealing again.This kind of bag is most common in the market.

    There is a more common seal with gusset, namely we often say that the four edge-sealing bag, such as our company mostly produce tea bags for four edge-sealing bag, the characteristics of this kind of packing bag storage space is large.

    With bone zipper vacuum bag, although this kind of bag is relatively less, because with bones might not be able to achieve good vacuum effect, but if the customer has this aspect demand, can also be produced.
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