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Product packaging bags design should use what color?

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Product packaging bags design should use what color?

Product packaging bags design colour skills from the following points should be noticed: one is the color and packaging are care of relationship;2 it is colour and colour contrast relationship.These two points is a key in colour is applied.
(a) care of color and packaging
So, as the color and packaging are coordinate relationship between the from any talk about?Mainly through the external packaging colors can reveal or its inner packaging items.Make the person a see the outer packing can basically perception or associated with the inner packaging was.For this problem, the author has repeatedly mentioned in the past, but if we can into stores to look on the goods, of many goods and failed to reflect the care of relationship.Make consumers not to think about its excellent packaging items for what.There are, of course, on product sales play a positive role in promotion.Normal external packaging color should be grasp so the same characteristics in different degrees.
Progresses from the industry, food packaging class normal coloring the mass-tone attune of light yellow, pink to express this gives a person the sense with warm and close., of course, including tea, with green, drinks, with green and blue, alcohol, pastry with big red, children's food with rosy, daily-use cosmetics class and more normal coloring the mass-tone attune to rose, with the, light green, shallow blue, dark brown, is warm and elegant to highlight the twitters, clothing shoes and hats class with more is dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, in order to highlight composed the aesthetic feeling of elegance.
(2) the relation between color and color contrast
Besides, color and color contrast relations.This is most easily in a lot of commodity packaging design performance is very difficult to grasp.High caliber in the design, the wounds of the packaging effect is high, on the other hand, is the item.Popular in Chinese calligraphy and painting, so a words, called tight, thin monkey.In fact say is a relationship of contrast.Performance in packaging design, this relation is very obvious, and very common.These so-called contrast, contrast generally has the following aspects: the colour using depth contrast using the weight of the contrast color, the color use point to face than the use of the comparative color, the color of use and low contrast, color use contrast and so on.
Because of the color has a special meaning for product packaging design, so, we need more attention on the design of product packaging color choices, careless slightly, to product packaging effect could be a huge range, a good designer, has its own unique understanding must be in color to use.
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