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How to choose the meat packing bag?

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    Meat products such as the need to use plastic flexible packaging bags, what is the packing bag is better.In general, aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bags.

    Used aluminum foil bag because of the aluminum foil bag with dark, aluminum foil was opaque materials, to prevent deterioration resulting from the blasting of fleshy sun, in the cooked food in the supermarket counters, often see kind of block, aluminum foil bag packing meat, through the packaging, can't smell the taste of it, but the appearance looks very high-grade, duck neck bags for packaging bags, such common.

    Transparent vacuum bags, generally can be whole packing meat, such as reasonable and roast duck.And the aluminum foil bags are commonly used to package the massive meat, such as sauce beef or donkey.Consumer can see complete transparent vacuum bags on the outside.Cause the consumer's purchase desire, of course, this kind of bags commonly used nylon, PE material, nylon material tensile sex is strong, not easy deformation, also has very good protection effect on food.
    And resistance to high temperature cooking bags, this is a kind of can through the packing bag of high temperature and high pressure, high level of environmental protection requirements, such as our common rice dumplings in bags.
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