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The comparison of vacuum aluminum foil bags and nylon vacuum bags

Author:yltpacking    Time:17/06/09    Click:
Vacuum bag has been the packing of the popular series, need to use vacuum packaging of products is also more and more, using vacuum bag packaging products packaging than the ordinary products have a longer shelf life and more security.On the market, only the aluminum foil vacuum bags and nylon vacuum bags two kinds of packaging, as a result, we know the difference between these two, you know what kind of vacuum bag need to customize.
1, material.Aluminum foil vacuum bag material is to use aluminum foil, aluminum to effect;Nylon vacuum bag is made of nylon PA/PE.Aluminum foil material can avoid light performance is good, high temperature resistant, can be used as high temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil material don't have transparent effect, nylon can only be boiled, but has good transparency.
2, price.Aluminum foil more expensive than nylon, such as the same specification, material, thickness of the two bags, nylon bags offer custom than aluminum bag around twice as expensive, because prices vary more, therefore, in choosing custom a vacuum bag is a priority for the actual needs of customers.
Through comparing the above we can conclude, aluminum foil in addition to the transparent effect has all efficacy of nylon vacuum bag, aluminum foil but the price will be high, the demands of customers can consult our vacuum bag, match their product packaging is the best packaging.
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Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
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