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Aluminum foil bag, aluminium bag, pure aluminium bag similarities and differences

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Aluminum foil material has been widely used in the packaging industry.So why it will be widely used.Pure aluminium in between the aluminum foil bag bag, aluminum plating bag types.What is the connection, and what's the difference?

  First the difference between these bags, on the function has a lot in common:

1, Good sealing performance, high vaginal septum.
2, Moistureproof performance is good, radiation protection, prevent corruption and good performance.So food packaging bags and anti-static shielding bags have chosen aluminum foil or aluminum plating materials.
3, High temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, resistance to puncture avulsion.
4, Non-toxic, tasteless.So in the field of food industry, mostly choose the aluminum foil bag or aluminized bag.

Aluminum bags
Aluminum bags

  The above four is aluminum foil bag and pure aluminium bag have in common, so what's the difference between a place?

  Mainly from the following five aspects to distinguish.
1,From the point of view on material pure aluminium bag has high purity.The aluminized bag is blended with other materials.
2,In terms of cost, aluminum bags price is higher than the aluminum bags.So when quote, pure aluminium bag‘s price will be higher than that of aluminium coated bag.
3,In use, the pure aluminium bag is more suitable for pumping air into vacuum state, it should be appropriate in the field of food packaging.The aluminum plating is more suitable for powder, electronic devices, etc.
4,On the performance, the pure aluminium bag can be moistureproof, cooling effect is better than aluminium bag, pure aluminum foil can be completely away from light and aluminized bag just shading effect.
5,Another point is that aluminum bags are soft, elastic, good elongation.The relatively brittle aluminum bags.The aluminized few, you can take a few paragraphs, it found that there are several fold, also easy to rotten.This is aluminized bag the main shortcomings.

   Aluminum foil bags and bags of these two bags are more versatile bags. Here we find the food packaging foil bags as an example, because the kind of bags are generally printed color, just look at the surface, it is difficult to distinguish.
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