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Anti static bag order skills

Author:Anti static bag wholesale    Time:14/08/06    Click:
    Speaking of anti-static bag, perhaps we can not unfamiliar to it, then anti-static bag is usually is what kind of bag type, usually used in what category?What place is applied to the antistatic bag.

    Common in the industry are the three edge-sealing anti-static bag, that is to say, in the process of bag making left side is not the seal, in order to anti-static bags to packaging commodity goods after sealing, the antistatic bag is cheaper compare to the other bag type.Usually the customer needs to print, and don't need to print, this is according to the needs of customers to order.

anti-static bag wholesale
Anti-static bag

    Another common is antistatic zipper bag.This bag is 3-side and mounted on the body bag is easy to open the zipper bag.It can facilitate the user's repeat open in anti-static bag, size is also compare widely used.

    Anti-static bag compare with common is anti-static shielding bag, anti-static together that is will also be able to block signals.Electronic categories, generally speaking, the LED category (such as LED lamp bead bags), associated supporting electronic components such as action, compare, as shown in the figure below, this is a generic anti-static bags.So on the materials used are also very fastidious, usually choose three or four layers of composite, which should be anti-static substrate in the substrate.The second layer usually use aluminized layer or pure aluminum, so usually we also love call anti-static bag or pure aluminum electroplating aluminum bag.
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