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Aseptic packaging bags container

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Aseptic packaging bags container

Because of the characteristic of the aseptic packaging, in the process of packaging, should first have to consider the characteristics of the packaging material.
(a) the characteristics of aseptic packaging materials
1. High strength
Food in the process of sales need to loading and unloading, transport, display, storage, etc., in the process of stress, vibration and impact damage of the outside world, if the packing material strength is not enough, will cause the packaging was damaged, can affect the appearance of the food and the food polluted by microorganism, and light and air to enter for microbial survival condition, and shorten the time with good quality of food or directly make bad food.So be sure to packaging materials have enough strength, make food packaging is not damaged in the process of circulation.
2. The sterilization resistant ability
Microorganism is the main reason causing food corruption, deterioration, in order to ensure food health and safety, to the food and packaging materials in the process of packaging sterilization processing respectively.Therefore require packaging materials need through the required heat or radiation sterilization, material was not damaged in the process of sterilization, and ensure uniform complete do thorough sterilization.
3. Good barrier property
Barrier property is one of the important properties of food packaging materials.In order to prolong the shelf life of food, microbial and allow bacterial growth must be cut off into the air and water, so the packaging material must be good barrier property.
4. Good heat resistance, cold resistance
For frozen food, if the cold resistance can not meet the requirements, under the condition of low temperature preservation, can't keep the material the original performance, crisp will make packaging material strength drops, make packaging damaged, can't protect for food.
In addition, in order to better sell food, but also a need for food packaging decoration.So require packaging materials on the clear pattern still after sterilization, colour is gorgeous, do not affect food sales.
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