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Britain has voted to leave the EU – what happens next?

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After rejecting the union, Brexiters must choose between an exit from the single market and a half-in, half-out purgatory


Anti-Brexit campaigners in Berlin. The long-term consequences of a leave vote will be seismic, but nothing will change immediately. Photograph: Reuters

The historic decision in the love-hate relationship 43 years of Britain with Europ Pean Union to end marks a point in British history to turn the property include, besides the two world wars of the 20th century. 

Assuming that there is no return, or remorse collective buyer Gro is Britain in political and constitutional life, diplomatic and economic consequences for a decade or more. 

The pin Atlas marking the location of the UK in the world has changed ver, As the power centers in the UK community. All the familiar points of Autorit t in London society - Downing Street, a large company it ft, economic competence, the establishment enpolitischen -. Have equivalent A popul Ren verschm cluster bombs Been ht 

So what happens when SUPREME n 

The extent of the dependence Unabh day devastation is such that one of the last redoubts of the device left standing - Civil by Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood r service pipe -. The development 

It will be his task to bring together with the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, David Cameron and a semblance of form in the chaos that is likely to follow. 

The Prime Minister insisted that the British people accept instructions and Downing Street are willing to do this JOB ge Be in his study. 

But it is to decide for himself if he tries by 2019 as planned to stay or announce instead that it will remain until an election of the leadership of the Conservative party in the fall. 

Neither option is attractive. The former smacks of arrogance unmusical; it can promote instability when creating if the M crave security markets. 

The Cabinet Handbook is clear: The Prime Minister can not leave until the Queen K on the identity of his successor t k can advise. Anyway, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn likely to mount a vote of confidence that does not happen. 

As long as the last political machinations, Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne faces a dilemma. The vast majority of MPs and peers are pro Europ One who showed with public stage. Skeptics k Can not more than 200 numbers in public, but the minority has been shown to speak for the people. He's laughing Sst instead of Autorit policy T in Britain in the conflict. 

The negotiations 

Cameron vowed if a proposed referendum on UK membership of the European Union vote Article 50, on loan st, Part of the Lisbon Treaty, which establishes a-year process zweij in motion whereby a member state of the Council of the EU notified k may leave its decision. 

50 Constitutionally the article bottom solution is a decision for himself, and not the Parliament, as it Is it a matter of prerogative k ROYAL Pr. At the same time, nothing can stop the Parliament adopted a motion that does not give instructions abroad Sen in Article 50. 

Cameron Declaration that Sen would be Article 50 was partly foreign made to dramatize the irreversibility of the Project on the UK referendum members of the European Union. This begins a zweij year-old negotiations with the EU, with the UK Aussto must end the union, unless End unanimously "Ngern negotiations in two years'm, agreement. 

The United Kingdom K then once a formal agreement Bl tter - the support of Britain Gro and a qualified majority the remaining 27 member states (in particular 20 of them, the age population at least 65% of Bev) is made requires. 

If it was Ngerung agreed an offer or a Verl after two years the UK will automatically return to the rules of the World Trade Organization, which is t, the United Kingdom, the Z Tthe to all products that are sold in the EU. So if the united kingdom St Article 50, Gro is Britain deliberately on a rderband F Arose, which, according to a negotiating chip with the EU h All the ends. In spite or desperation, it is doubtful Cameron would immediately like a Rderband F at the stage. 

The Prime Minister will be largely in the tolerance of the proposed referendum on UK membership of the wing of his party in the functioning of the European Union. The wing is in contradiction to the point of dysfunction and need time to absorb their unexpected victory. Some Brexiters months spent quietly said, the referendum is consultative and demand W Against that view on whether to leave the EU. There is nothing about the shape of departure. A second Irish referendum had very specific legal issues, to give clear instructions to the policy. 

The Analysis option Norway: What it is and what it means Britain Gro 
Some Eurosceptics are in favor of the proposed referendum on UK membership of the EU relationship European and Norway style with the EU. We examine six key questions about this model 
& nbsp; Learn more Brexiters So the choice between maintaining its engagement position to withdraw from the market and thus the free movement of people in the end, or whether to seek instead what has been described as purgatory. - The type of the half in half out assembly of Norway known 

MEP Daniel Hannan Euroscepticism supported the proposed referendum on UK membership of the European Union are seen as a process, not a single start time and Norway arrangement for the United Kingdom k Could a point before the final break in the years to be hopping. 

If Brexiters at leisure, the W Are against impatient, the pro-EU majority municipalities Start, and raise the prospect of a new election, provide new political mandate, is imminent. Harte Brexiters is impatient. 

The EU 
In all these calculations, the British Parliament will not be the only player. The EU, which want to be confronted with Fte centrifugal What it does to decisive rarely act. One group, the nts dr EU to demand that the UK K Article 50 st ; a second group perhaps led by the Polish m can examine whether the conditions for the negotiations between the EU and Britain Gro re ge could be opened. Many diplomats believe private German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to more einger Cameron on freedom of movement Having umt. 

But the majority of the EU's view is likely to be that British negotiations were completed in February, and stop the ship. Professor Chairman of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said before the vote: "Cameron the maximum he could get, and we gave the maximum we could give k so there will be no renegotiation, not on the agreement. we found in February, are still as far as any kind of concerned contract negotiations. " 

Priority t Instead w Re to avoid what has been described as the psychology of a bank run in order, as calls increase the EU Achieving parallel referendums in the Netherlands, France, Poland and Hungary. Under is You know the explicit goal in some Mitk holiday fighters. Michael Gove, for example, the Liberation of Europe . Once those needs change, any paralysis of the EU project decay gliding L. 

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