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The British exit from the EU

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The British exit from the EU
A neon sign 2016 referendum was announced on the doors announcing Ant Hall at Manchester Town Hall, North West England, before the results of the vote were fixed. (Rob Stothard / AFP / Getty Images)

BERLIN - Gro britain historic vote of the Euro- Europ emerged the 28-nation bloc into an existential crisis to make the dream of an integrated Europe its gr Indeed since you march towards unity began in the period of leave after the second world war. 

This effort is now back in a big jump to follow the British global impact output. The start is the calculationsfrom commercial and financial agreements with the Asian market in North America to upend Europe. It is splinter - and clearly Schw chen - the E.ü., block the Allied nations most closely with the United States. A new divided Europe, observers of the Confederation may also encourage Russia, w As the power and influence of the West to spoil ssern. 

Fear E.ü. Anh Nger is now that the British have a voice spirit, Up, ausges deep T resentment of globalization, which extends the Atlantic, the feeling translate gr nationalism older and independent mentality can t. The question is whether the British movement to become the first nation to mark the beginning of a Union cascade To leave hnlichen referendums that survive the block Found Hedges k Nnten. 

Friday morning populists across Europe were praised for letting the British voice as an opportunity, which became known as the European-European project "the political and economic unity. In Holland, Extreme leader -right Geert Wilders, gains in the polls there, tweeted: "Hooray for the British now it is our time for Dutch companies referendum!." Marine Le Pen, the anti-é.U leadership Franz. National Front, has also called for a referendum in their country. 

As f union HRT, Britain May lose much of its voice in European Pean business. But the rest of Europe is a massive blow to suffer for. 

In Europe, Britain's output is likely to cause A crisis of massive proportions, one above all that we have experienced so far, "said Steven Blockmans, Research Director at the Centre for European Policy Studies. They are not only dealing with a crisis, but many people lock. " 

Even if - as most European European politicians now hold - the rest of the E.ü. succeed, Britain to hold together without Great, k Nnten consequences still be severe. A continent already a convergence of suffering face - including Lich a refugee crisis, persistent sovereign debt problems and a war of low quality continues in Ukraine - are now his attention monopolized by long negotiations on the British retreat. If the E.ü. Gro and Britain are finally separated fa ons - one of at least two years process should take -. the block will be greatly reduced 

Gone will be his significant mil generic and diplomatic power and the second largest economy you in a Union of Ireland to Greece, Latvia, Portugal. What remains is a block be focused as ever on his lkerungsreichste bev and economically strong nation -. Germany 

This reality T is likely to generate new tensions. 

The Germans remain reluctant chef prepared the kind of muscle strength embrace diplomacy mil guaranteed Step St That the region must exert a serious global impact. Some neighboring Germany, meanwhile, still old mistrust of accommodation Berlin. 

"When talking to people, I would h Ren, as they say , we did not win two world wars just to be dominated again to much Said Christoph Scheuermann, London correspondent the Mirror for Germany. 

The old worries are now by recent, composed - especially about Berlin's insistence on fiscal discipline as support for E.ü. Membership. A strain of anxiety is already being implemented by the German government as Britain considers the loss of Gro - Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, supported in particular crusade austerity Angela Merkel. Berlin now fears a "gang" by L Countries, including France, Spain and Italy, which eventually may try to overturn the first-austerity Merkel. 

But the Germans and the US ultimately may not choice but to adopt the Berlin guide. France is driving to distraction, took a nation in economic stagnation and a war against terrorism. Italians and Spaniards, k difficulty meanwhile still have financial difficulties, volatility t policy And a ch Mage high. 

In some ways we [Germans] feel that the United States often experience , said Jürgen Hardt, spokesman enpolitik outside the German parliament for the ruling alliance CDU / CSU. If a strong nation does not lead everyone asks where is the guide, but if you take responsibility and begin to list some things they say, "Oh, we do not want a single guide is very difficult. finding the right balance. " 

The output of the UK is a particularly geschm leistungsf ELIGIBLE blow in Brussels, the seat of the lot Hten E.ü. barrage ftigen institutions. Baked in the city's construction projects is a feeling that the Europ Pean Union only expand, not shrink, with a major European turf hosting Ischer bureaucrats. Now go British decision is likely to leave Brussels scrambling for a response. Until a few weeks, some officials in the capital of Europe Tats quietly waiting Britain could leave, diplomats and analysts. None Detailed Pl What for, a gap created in the case. 

greater integration starting Britain is likely to be held, analysts say, as the leader of the region renon Ant to over sovereignty Nit T afraid to remember that they would not put hlern accordance with its Wireless. Actually go Rt the gr ten challenges E.ü. just be together talking. 

The vote l sst a question mark on the future of more than 3 million EU non-UK citizens in Britain live - Italian Polish plumber restaurateurs - and more than 1 million Britons live in continental Europe. Their fate remains to be developed among the thorniest issues, the spectrum of the m Deportations resembled erh Hen. 

Despite high distrust of the US polls erh shows in several member states and Brussels anti-government rhetoric as Poland and Hungary hen, some observers say, however, that Britain Gro an outlier he can be. Historically, it was emotional ties with the continent weak at best -. Often with the Kingdom Manche to view as a culture, as well as a physical barrier between him and Europe Nations 

At the same time, less influential - - gained enormous E.ü. particularly in Eastern Europe Grants and mobility T workers' laws Party, young Poles, Slovaks and Czechs on F Ability to find work just as well in Berlin, Munich or Paris that countries have issued their Heimatl. 

"There is no other member state with a majority of the Europ European Union out, even in states with critical EU governments, such as Poland or Hungary. The atmosphere in the states is to set the mood in brittany Gro not comparable. I did not, 50 percent of those in the N hey are ready to go, "Hardt, the alliance CDU / CSU German said. 

The economic consequences of the British output k CONCERNING could Be significantly by. Take, for example, cars. Nearly a third of all new cars sold in Britain last year - or 810,000 - were produced in Germany. about 1.2 million were prepared Bretagne Of the 1.6 million cars exported Gro on E.ü. 

British Aussto the E.ü. duty free zone that was and a variety of other economic arrangements Found Hrdet each other good reasons give to find common ground. 
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