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Classification of plastic packaging, bags use characteristics

Author:plastic bag wholesaler    Time:15/07/30    Click:
    Plastic classification system is more complex, all kinds of classification methods have also been crossed, according to the conventional classification mainly has the following three: a
Are classified by using features;2 it is classified by processing methods;Three are classified according to the physical and chemical properties.
By using feature classification

    According to the different characteristics of all kinds of plastic, the plastic is usually divided into engineering plastics, general and special plastic three

(1) general plastic generally refers to the high yield, wide use, good formability and cheap plastic, bakelite,
Polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

(2) engineering plastics generally refers to can bear a certain external force, good mechanical properties and resistance to high and low temperature resistance
Can, good dimensional stability, can be used as engineering structure of plastic, such as polysulfone, polyamide, etc.

In engineering plastics, it can be divided into two types: general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics.

General engineering plastics include polyoxymethylene, polyamide, modified polyphenyl ether, thermoplastic polyester, polycarbonate, methylpentene together

Compound, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, vinyl alcohol copolymer, etc.

Special engineering plastics and crosslinking and the crosslinking.Type crosslinked with poly (amino double maleamic, triazine and hand it in

Polyimide, heat resistant epoxy resin, etc.Non crosslinked with poly (ether sulfone, polysulfone, polyimide, PPS, polyether ether

Ketone) (PEEK), etc.

(3) special plastic generally refers to has the special function, can be used in aviation, aerospace and other special applications in the field of plastic.Such as
Fluorine plastic and silicone with outstanding special function, such as high temperature resistance, self-lubrication reinforced plastic and foam plastics with high buffer
Special properties such as resistance, high strength, these plastic belong to the category of special plastic.
1) reinforced plastic.Reinforced plastic raw material in shape can be divided into fibrous (such as glass fiber reinforced plastic or glass cloth),
Granular (such as calcium plastic reinforced plastics), flake (such as mica reinforced plastic) three.According to the material can be divided into inorganic mineral filled plastics
(such as quartz or mica filled plastics), cloth reinforced plastic (such as cloth reinforced or asbestos reinforced plastics), fiber reinforced plastics
(such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic) three.
(2) foam plastics.Foam can be divided into semi-rigid, three kinds of hard and soft foam plastic.No rigid foam plastic
Flexibility, compression hardness is very big, only produce deformation stress reaches a certain value, can't recover after stress relief;Half hard
The flexibility of the foam and other performance between hard and soft foam plastics;Soft foam plastic is flexible,
Compression hardness is small, easy to deformation, can recover after stress relief, the residual deformation is small.
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