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Custom packaging design appearance

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Packaging is the most direct advertising products.Is extremely rich in goods, serious product homogeneity, the consumer is surrounded by the media information, under the condition of packing in the role of communication with consumers increasingly apparent, packaging advertisement is more and more recognized by people and recognition.Although there are some brands in terms of the use of packaging design for advertisement make some successful application, there are also some institutions and scholars explores the ads on packing.But overall, the existence of some problems affecting the packaging advertising role into full play. 
First of all, on the concept, the marketing managers and workers in packaging design to realize packaging function of advertising communication is not clear, in the actual packing design and management, not the packaging design and advertising campaigns, considering combination of marketing activities.Without the packing medium fully take advantage of resources, the lack of coordination between packaging design and advertising communication activities, lead to waste packaging advertising resources. 

Second, in packaging, advertising function in the practical application of some one-sided.Some brands of seeking pure propaganda effect, modeling deliberately pursue the uniqueness and visual impact, ignore the packaging and brand image, ignore the function of the packaging.And the excessive packaging makes consumers off psychological, on the contrary to some extent, weakens the packaging its role of advertising.Some brand is just to as the "skin" of product packaging, packaging advertisement effect is not recognized, pure from products to packaging design, packaging for packing.

It is because of the existence of these problems above, the packaging design does not play its proper role in advertising communication.Modern society, advertising communication role of packaging design has been more and more widely used and play.In product competitive market environment, the packing of advertising information dissemination function will get more attention.
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