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Why do plastic bags manufacturers set up a special marketing team?

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Many plastic bags manufacturers may not know the marketing team for the future development of the importance of manufacturers, so they are in the process of development of productive forces, and did not attach importance to marketing this link. On the contrary, they pay more attention to the production process, hoping to be more excellent bags of products to attract more customers, but do not know if you have not thought, have a good product but sell Do not go out, not the same is futile?
So, in this respect, the marketing link becomes very important, we all know that there are a lot of plastic bags made as the main business of the manufacturers, which have a large part of them in order to save production costs, so just hired Some production staff, as well as designers, etc., and did not hire some specialized marketing team. Because they think in the plastic bag sales in this area is not very difficult, can rely on the boss or the staff's own consciousness to complete this task, but the fact is not the case.
Marketing done well, do not get in place, related to the production of plastic bags manufacturers products can not be sold smoothly. Because a company with a professional marketing team, they are not only in the product to grasp in place, but also in the product sales program also operate on the barge, so they can accumulate in a short time more customers, and manufacturers themselves The advantages of the packaging belt can also be further known to the consumer. This is because of excellent marketing to help them to brand and product and even the manufacturers of services are extended to the community above, so that manufacturers get more consumer recognition.
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