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Detection of high temperature cooking bags high-temperature operation steps

Author:high temperature cooking bags    Time:14/12/04    Click:
    To load the contents inside the cooking bags, be careful not to pollution pincer-like device intima, especially oily or powder content, in order to avoid affect the sealing fastness, torn bags leak when cooking.After packed contents, cooking bags exhaust or pumping air into vacuum state, then heat sealing on the sealing machine, check the sealing fastness, guarantee the heat sealing strength to meet the technical requirements.

    Put cooking bags in a cooking pot, close the door (cover) sealed, before close the vent and drain valve, can open the steam valve, first to filling the superheated steam pan, get rid of the cold air.After a moment, close drainage and exhaust valve, continue to filling the superheat steam for heating.When the pot slowly rising to a predetermined temperature cooking temperature, immediately shut down the steam valve, start calculating heat/pressure time, in the process of heat/pressure, whether to focus on the temperature and pressure changes.Under normal circumstances, the need to manually add some steam, to ensure that the temperature and pressure to maintain within the scope of the set, for example, 120 ~ 122 ℃ and 0.18 ~ 0.21 MPa, 127 ~ 129 ℃ and 0.40 ~ 0.45 MPa and 134 ~ 136 ℃ and 0.46 ~ 0.49 MPa.

    Boiling heat/pressure sterilization time, due to the type of the contents (food), for pork, lamb, chicken, duck, rabbit meat products, generally is 121 ℃ and 40 min, 128 ℃, 135 ℃ and 20 min or 5 min.If it is beef products 121 ℃, 60 min, 128 ℃, 135 ℃, 30 min or 10 min;If is the aquatic product class and soy products, is 121 ℃, 128 ℃, 10 min, 20 min or rarely used 135 ℃ high temperature.

    To be performed after the heat/pressure, back pressure cooling, this step is the key.First, slowly open the high pressure air intake pipe valve, let the pot pressure higher than the original 0.01 ~ 0.02 MPa, and then open the high-pressure cooling water inlet valve, let the cold water spray to the pot.And, in the process of spray cooling, the pot room pressure at least also want to keep the same value and heat/pressure, must not let the pot pressure fell sharply, if the drop is too big and there is no high pressure air inlet pressure, it may because of the bag outside pressure is higher than bag (pot) pressure produced by blasting, leakage.Only when the pot after the temperature dropped to below 100 ℃, the pot pressure can be decreased to 0.10 ~ 0.12 MPa.Continue cooling to 60 ℃, can relieve stress through the vent valve, the drain valve put the pot of cold water.
Finally, open the lid, take out the pot cooking bags, this completes all cooking sterilization process.
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