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Discussion on the food packaging bag fraud and security

Author:food packaging bag supplier    Time:14/10/07    Click:
    Global fake brand products have been hundreds of billions of dollars worth of business, especially in the food packaging industry, it is estimated that 5% of the total amount of global trade, the data is growing fast.Many countries are not common in North America and Europe strict patent law and enforcement procedures.So, designers and packers in packaging design should take into account the security design.
    Almost no product or ticket will not be able to be fake, anti-counterfeiting task is to establish a method of design patterns or makes it very difficult to counterfeit, and you need to pay the cost.The ideal point of view, anti-fake design should be easy to produce, difficult to copy and is easy to be customer identification of special design, should at least be wholesalers and retailers to identify.But the designer's thought and wisdom for packing requirements may be more excessive demands, a more practical approach is to look for an expert in the field of anti-counterfeiting work together to design packaging anti-counterfeiting.

    Often use the anti-fake design have nicked dye, labels, and sealing are destroyed, etc., there are holographic, radio frequency identification (rfid), special aluminum foil, watermark and other special ink anti-counterfeiting technology, help to confirm the product is real.Designers can also design some fine anti-counterfeiting image (hard to image on the printed copy), such as very small words or characters, etc.
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