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Food accurately distinguish method of plastic bags

Author:yltpacking    Time:17/06/05    Click:
Food plastic bags are often used in people's life, but also must be careful when use, some plastic bags are toxic, is not can be used to direct the food.
One, by eye observation
Non-toxic plastic bags with a white, transparent or slightly transparent, uniform texture;Toxic plastic bags for the color or is white, but the transparency is poor, the turbidity, tensile plastic surface uneven, with small particles.
Second, listening with ears
Use hand shaking, plastic bags made clear show that is non-toxic plastic bags;And sound small, stuffy is poisonous plastic bags.
Three, use hand to touch
With the hand touch surface of plastic packaging bags, very smooth and is non-toxic;Sticky, hair acerbity, waxy feeling is toxic.
Fourth, nose to smell
Is tasteless non-toxic plastic bags;Have to stimulate abnormal smell or taste is toxic.
Five, the submerged test method
Put plastic bags into the water, with the hand to press it to the bottom, just a moment, the surface is non-toxic plastic packaging bags, sink in the bottom is toxic plastic bags.
Six, combustion method
Non-toxic plastic bags of flammable, yellow flame tip, local in cyan, burns like candle tears dripping, the smell of paraffin;Toxic plastic bag won't burn, away from the fire that is quenched, flame cutting edge or yellow, black, green, at the bottom of the can soften the wiredrawing, still can smell a smell of.
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