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Fish packaging fresh-keeping effect test

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Fish packaging fresh-keeping effect test

In the face of all these improvement of loss problem, preservation technology is particularly important.At present, the mainstream of preservation technologies including chemical preservatives, additives natural preservation, low temperature preservation, ozone preservation, relief, etc.For fresh fish, single technology is hard to get the effect of preservation of the ideal, so relevant enterprises pay more attention to on the synergy of packaging technology and the fresh keeping technology, comprehensive advantage two parties to get the best effect.A wide range of packaging, from the point of antibacterial mechanism of antibacterial, vacuum packing and gas is the best choice of fresh fish packing.Vacuum packing by vacuum put fish in high relief in the form of low oxygen environment, on the one hand can inhibit the growth of most aerobic microbial breeding, delay the process of corruption, on the other hand, can effectively prevent the oxidation of the fish, extend the shelf life of products.Gas packaging is filled with different proportions in the sealed packaging packaging form of CO2, N2 and O2.CO2 penetrate microbial cells, decreased intracellular PH value and enzyme activity is reduced, thus inhibiting the cell;Although the O2 is microbial reproduction and the causes of oil oxidation, but its can be combined with fish myoglobin generated oxygenation myoglobin, make fresh red meat.Therefore, the filling ratio should be higher than that of O2, CO2 to realize double effect of bacteriostasis and color preserving.

Fish packaging fresh-keeping effect test

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