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Flexo packaging industry technology

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Flexo packaging industry technology

Flexo printing technology as one of the key printing in packaging and printing the world trend.Flexible printing technology has been developing rapidly abroad, and improvements in background advantage is extremely powerful.The packaging printing, flexo printing points to 70%, Europe also occupy 45% of the market position.And still in development.Flexo printing in the packaging industry market has far more than flat and gravure printing field.
In the United States, because of this situation, the national call this kind of printing technology packaging printing.Referred to as "the world's most outstanding, the most promising printed form".According to the latest figures, overseas corrugated board is more than 90% in flexo printing machine printing.Packaging printing industry in the United States flexo held about $90 billion, Canada's forecast of 2.5%, about $20 billion.
Flexible printing in the prepress blank manufacturing, flow form and method of printing, embossed on the flat, concave, three distinctive parts of the printing process, color printing line 150, 6 to 8 or more color printing quality is undesirable.
Ink layer thickness is an important part of printed matter, can make the products have the perfect hierarchy, colorful, unique, and the requirement of packaging and printing is very match.
Especially after flexo printing is a low cost high quality carton printing plan:
1, the same exact registering printing precision;
2, batch undertake various orders;
3, light, capitalization of incomplete rarely;
4, the thickness of a piece of molding, volume has no effect;
5, low cost in unipolar fast;
6, process flow and operation form facilitation;
7, high capacity, high return;
8, environmental protection and energy saving, carton upgrading with technical support.
To date, a steamed stuffed bun cartoning plate-making costs common between $4000 to $8000.Flexo plate using digital flexo laser natural resin format, registering printing precision greatly ascend, avoid off color, forming perfect stereo feeling.Thickness of 3.94 mm of natural resin version for printing, each square centimeter of flexible version of the manufacturing cost about 0.093 yuan to 0.16 yuan, to plate making can save cost 40% ~ 50%.
Printing technology with the development of science and technology in the increasingly mature, but we are also exploring study more excellent printing technology.We can bring you, must be more perfect works of art.

Flexo packaging industry technology

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