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Food packaging customization requirements

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Because the frozen product is frozen at a very low temperature, the packaging material produced by the packaging manufacturer should be able to withstand the common low temperature conditions and will not be successful because of the brittle fracture at low temperatures. And from the convenience of the final consumption, the product with the packaging material into the hot water heating thawing and warming to the food temperature, so that the packaging material should be able to withstand 100 ℃ or higher temperature.

In addition, due to the production process and the circulation phase and the thawing of the bag will be a physical impact, food packaging bags with the performance of friction is very important conditions. Frozen food packaging is generally under the action of external forces easily damaged to produce macroscopically difficult to find the pores, bacteria from the Department is very easy to invade, resulting in secondary pollution. Therefore, the requirements of packaging materials should be selected for friction, impact resistance and sealing a good plastic material, the current nylon composite materials, polyester, polypropylene and other composite materials have begun to be used.

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