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What are the main characteristics of nylon vacuum bags?

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    Nylon vacuum bag is widely used, especially in the field of food packaging bags, then why nylon vacuum bags by the food packaging industry like this? It is characterized by its very own relationships.

Nylon vacuum bag customized
Nylon vacuum bag

    The main characteristic of nylon vacuum bags:

1. Nylon vacuum bags high separation: plastic packaging materials using different barrier properties vary widely, co-extrusion film to reach of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor such as blocking effect.

2. Versatility of nylon vacuum bags, oil resistant, resistant to moisture, resistant to 120 degrees centigrade high temperature cooking, resistance to low temperature freezing, with good quality, fresh, smell, can be used in vacuum packaging,
aseptic packaging, plastic packaging.

3. Nylon vacuum packaging costs are relatively low: relative glass packaging, aluminum foil bags and other plastic packaging bags, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extrusion film has great advantage on cost.Because of its simple process,
the products of thin film production cost compared with the dry type composite film and other composite film can be reduced by 10-20%.

4. Nylon vacuum packaging structural design flexibility: adopting the different structure design, to meet customer demand for the quality of different food.

5. Nylon vacuum bag, high strength, co-extrusion film in the machining process has the characteristics of tensile, plastic stretch after corresponding improving strength, can also join in the middle of metallocene polyethylene plastic materials such as nylon, and give it more than general compound strength of plastic packaging, there is no hierarchical stripping phenomenon, good flexibility, excellent heat sealing performance.

6. Nylon vacuum bags of environmental protection: do not add adhesives, no residue solvent pollution, green environmental protection.

7. Nylon vacuum packaging capacity than smaller: co-extrusion film can be used in a vacuum shrinkable packaging, capacity volume ratio is near 100%, this is glass, cans, paper, incomparable.

8, no pollution, no added adhesives, no residual solvent pollution, green environmental protection.

    Above is the main characteristic of nylon vacuum bags.
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