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Food packaging bag, how to chose it?

Author:food packaging bag customized    Time:14/10/31    Click:
     There are a lot of modern food packaging technology, such as moisture-proof packaging, vacuum packaging, plastic packaging, shrink packaging, packaging, sterile packaging, freezing, high-temperature cooking, etc.
     Moisture-proof packaging technology is to prevent the sack food absorb moisture in the air from the surroundings and cause metamorphism, isolated from the outside humidity change influence on products, but also avoid the loss of the food humidity inside the package, make the relative humidity inside the packaging meet the requirements of food storage, achieve the purpose of protection of food quality, therefore, moisture-proof packaging requirement for packaging materials is low water vapor transmittance, container sealing.
     Vacuum packing technology is the air in the container in a sealed after draining, is the food from the air way of packing.Applicable to the high fat and low moisture food, raise the effect of vacuum packaging mainly excluded, reduce or avoid fat oxidation, inhibitory and other aerobic microbial breeding.
     Inflatable packaging technology is in packaging container into gases reduce the oxygen content of the container, these filling the commonly used gas is inert gas, mixed gas such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or two.After packaging container filled with inert gases, can appropriate way container food oil oxidation, can also be a container inside and outside air pressure balance, there will be no container dry.
     Shrinkable packaging food and plastic film is letting loose or sliced through heat shrink packaging form, requirements of packaging materials to use after directional tensile and cooling process of plastic film.
     Buffer packaging is also called the shockproof packaging, slow packaging products are physical shock and vibration, protect products from damage to the protective measures must be taken by the packaging.
     Aseptic packaging is based on product requirements, under aseptic condition, the sterilization of materials processing, into sterilization or aseptic processing packaging container in advance, let its stored in tight, don't breathe freely, and even not pervious to light the specific environment, without cold storage at room temperature can maintain a longer period and quality remains the same.
Choose appropriate packaging materials, made reasonable packing style appropriate packaging technology, packaging can be make you satisfied.
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