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Food packaging bag sealing requirements and testing

Author:Food packaging bag sealing    Time:14/10/23    Click:
    We often find food, taste quality problems such as in store, and some even appeared a decaying, many such reasons, the sealing performance of the more common causes of food packaging container is not enough and the barrier material difference. Food manufacturers will be considering the characteristics of its food before custom food packaging bag, according to the choice of materials, taking into account the performance, thickness of each layer of material, so as to obtain the barrier enough.

    A food packaging bag made very good barrier property of materials is not good tightness is not, sealing is the requirement of packing bag can effectively prevent outside material (such as water vapor, dust, microorganism, odor) and packaging bag food taste is lost. A lot of food must be stored in a sealed container of good, otherwise easily cause food qualitative change. Like tea is a kind of dry goods, are susceptible to moisture in the air damp moldy effect, at the same time of other peculiar smell in the air adsorption capacity is very strong, and the taste of the tea is very volatile, so on the packaging container presents, barrier strong sealing requirements.

     How to detect the 
food packaging bag sealing? If is a liquid packaging bags can be filled with water, to see where there is water leakage on the line, but like a solid or other food is difficult to detect the tightness in this way, can through the seal tester to detect food packaging bag sealing here.
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