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Food packaging bags Material Composition and Performance Profile

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     Due to the limitations of a single material, to date, most food packaging bags with two or more layers of composite materials.Multilayer material science reasonable use composite or collocation, can produce different comprehensive performance, almost can meet the requirements of various food for packing.Here, specializing in the production of food bag, food packaging bags, vacuum bag packaging manufacturers yu, packaging supplies co., LTD., dongguan city, for everybody simple introduction of various kinds of common food packaging materials and performance.

OPP/LDPE composite bag

     OPP/LDPE composite bag also calls the structure of BOPP/PE/BOPP/CPP, BOPP this film's physical stability, mechanical strength, good air tightness, high transparency and gloss, moistureproof, tough wear-resisting, is currently the most widely used printing film, generally use thickness is 20 ~ 40 microns, and the most widely used for 20 microns.Two-way stretch polypropylene film main drawback is that poor heat sealing, so commonly used as the outer membrane of compound thin film is an important base material of plastic composite flexible packaging. 
     LDPE (low density polyethylene) for the milky white round bead shape particles.Non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, matt surface.Density is 0.916 ~ 0.930 g/cm3.Nature is soft, has good extensibility, electrical insulation, chemical stability, processability and low temperature resistance, resistant to - 70 ℃) for thermoplastic processing a variety of molding process, but the mechanical strength, humidity, gas and solvent resistance is poorer, and the characteristics of BOPP just complementary do lining composite film;Can packaging delicacy food, dry food, dipping.

Pastry food bag, OPP/CPP compound bag

     Pastry food packaging bags, OPP/CPP composite bag, also known as BOPP/CPP bag or OPP/LDPE or KOPP/PP: CPP good heat resistance.Due to the PP softening point is about 140 ℃, the film can be used in hot filling, retort pouch, aseptic packaging and other fields.With good acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and common CPP film thickness between 25 ~ 50 microns, and OPP composite has good transparency, surface light, feel is strong, the film has good heat sealing.Moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, can also be packing peanuts, chocolate nuts food. 

 Dry food bag (KPET/PE compound bag)

    Dry food bag: KPET coating (K)/PE compound bag or BOPP/AL/PE/BOPP/PET/PE structure: KPET as barrier property excellent material, good barrier property to oxygen, water vapor, peculiar smell.Lining for the heat sealing layer PE, avoid light, block, heat sealing, good resistance to the sealing polluting, high impermeability.After the composite can prevent deterioration, color change, stale, also is to prevent the oxidation of the vitamins in food.

     Frozen food packaging: BOPA/PE compound bag, also known as BOPA6 / PE compound bag

     BOPET6 is two-way stretch nylon 6 films, strong toughness, good blocking, good transparency, cold resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, resistance to pinhole, etc;PE non-toxic tasteless hot sealing material, good resistance to the sealing polluting, high impermeability.After the compound, suitable for frozen food packaging bags.Can also be packaging agricultural products, liquid food, aquatic products and preserved food, etc.

    Frozen food packaging for frozen food, food in the freezer can deposit a long time, the temperature of the freezer for - 16 ℃ - 26 ℃ or so;Frozen food packaging bags for frostbite food and no preservation effect of environment temperature, cold storage temperature is 2 ℃, 10 ℃ or so.

Candy packaging (OPP/PE/CPP compound bag)

     Candy packaging: OPP/PE/CPP compound bag, OPP/PE/PE or OPP/CPP, OPP structure: CPP transparency is wonderful, uniform thickness, and the performance of the lateral uniform, generally used as the lining of the composite film material.Common CPP film thickness between 25 and 50 microns, and after the OPP composite has good transparency, surface light, feel is strong, good air tightness, and high heat sealing strength with preferable PE composite block heat sealing after a good barrier property, shading sex strong, odourless, tasteless, packaging's advantages, such as, the structure is suitable for candy packaging.

     Puffed food packaging bags, PET/CPP aluminum plating film/PE compound bag, PET: high temperature resistant, good rigidity, good printing ability and strength.Aluminum plating film: in the high vacuum state through the high temperature aluminum melt evaporation, precipitation accumulation of the steam to the aluminium plastic film on the surface, so that the plastic film surface with metallic luster.Effect of shading, prevent ultraviolet irradiation, extend the shelf life of the contents, and improve the brightness of the film, from a certain extent, instead of the aluminum foil, also has a low price, beautiful and good barrier properties.PE: polyethylene plastic, stable chemical performance, usually make food packaging bags, the erosion of acid, alkali and salt solution, but unfavorable use strong alkaline detergent wipe or soak.After three composite, already beautiful long-term protection food does not change color, not stale, moisture is not bad.

     Retort pouch: PET/BOPA/CPP compound bag

     Retort pouch: PET/BOPA/CPP compound bag also available BOPA/KEPT/CPP structure: PET (polyester), and other general through two-way stretch film, its thermal performance is good, high transparency and strength, moisture resistance, resistance of oxygen are good, but poor heat sealing, high price, just as a composite matrix.BOPA/BOPA6 is two-way stretch nylon 6 films, is the production of vacuum packaging, etc. One of the important material on the surface of composite packaging material.Has the good transparency of colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic materials;Good gloss, low resistance, high temperature resistance, good resistance, oil resistance, organic solvent, alkali resistance, good printing easy vacuum aluminum plating.Cooking class of CPP film thickness, generally between 60 to 80 microns, which can withstand temperatures up to 121 ℃, 30 min cooking, oil resistance, good air tightness and heat sealing strength is high, the general meat packaging inner cooking level adopts the CPP film.Three layer composite membrane is more guarantee the taste fresh.Please note that the high-temperature not mentioned here in to the hands of consumers, the use of temperature, but in the process of production, for temperature sterilization needed in the process of production, marked, in order to prevent secondary pollution, generally do not adopt the practice of high temperature to bacteria and then packing, but the practice of using packaging after sterilization, according to the requirements of the different food and to the fungus, to choose different high temperature resistant food packaging bags.

     Retort pouch/water bags can is a kind of heat treatment of compound plastic film packaging, it possesses the advantages of both canned container and boiling water resistant plastic bags, so called "soft canned" again.Cooking food packaging multi-purpose second and third floors material compound, the typical structure of retort pouch is: outer for polyester film, for strengthening;The middle for the aluminum foil, prevent light, moisture and prevent leak;Lining for polyolefin film (such as polypropylene film), heat sealing and contact with food.
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