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Food packaging bags of monolayer film bag

Author:monolayer film bag customized    Time:14/10/20    Click:
     Due to the particularity of food packaging bags, the quality of their health problems directly affect the packaging of food health security, in order to ensure the food safety will not be because of the dangers of food packaging quality issues, food bag manufacturers generally quality of food packaging safety inspection.Usually will detect before production material, the quality and safety in production testing in printing ink, glue, to conduct a comprehensive testing after production.
     Because of the food species diversity, a lot of material can be used in food packaging bags, food bags in the food packaging industry is one of the largest container usage.Generally divided into single layer film bag and composite film bag two kinds, according to different types, two kinds of packaging testing standard is also different.Monolayer film bag inspection appearance, specifications, main physical and mechanical properties, health, and degradability, cosmetic requirements can not have bubbles on the use of hindrance, perforation, water lines, critical reinforcement, plasticizing, fisheye problems such as frozen block;Specifications are in width, length, thickness deviation should be within the scope of the provisions;Physical and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, is it reflect product in use process with stretch ability, this is unqualified, in use process food charter onda will appear rupture, damage phenomenon;Health demands is material under the factors such as physical, chemical and microbial does not produce harmful substances to human body, through the experiment, the detection of food packaging in vinegar, oil, wine and other liquid precipitation scraps, the possibility of heavy metal residue in food quality such as color, aroma, taste and even affect the health of human body.
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