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Food packaging production process

Author:Food packaging supplier    Time:14/08/15    Click:
    Food packing bag is packing bag.Food packaging made from plastics after high temperature sterilization, again after cleaning.Food packaging application scope is widespread, used for packaging of all kinds of food.

    Food packaging
production is divided into three processes:

1, raw materials, and then for the first time disinfection and cleaning

2, into the high temperature sterilization, and cooling.

3, high temperature make finished products

    The specific flow of color printing packing bags of food:

    Color bags is a kind of the compound plastic bags can print design, the production needs a process.

1. Draft plans, draft of color bags of design is a test of color printing packaging designers, this also need customer detailed communication with our designer, after customer confirm the design need of words, contact information, the information such as size to confirm carefully, avoid the loss.Draft plans need to be modified according to the requirements of, if you need to use the goods, please to review drawings as soon as possible.

2.Process, then determine the finished, need professional technicians to design color separation, for some not clear place to do the repair, our industry is called do file, after the file also need a dozen process to complete the process, here not introduce one by one, if you need to understand the details can be seen.

3. Printing, after the completion of the raw material to prepare using high-speed presses will be printing surface membrane.
4. Peritoneum, the surface layer of the printed film and easy to heat sealing layer composite membrane with special glue special high-speed peritoneal machine to.

5. After curing, compound need to be more than 45 degrees curing room for more than 24 hours curing, in order to make color bags is not easy to take off a layer.

6. Bag, color printing packaging production is coming to an end, bag making technician is the need to have certain skills, must ensure that the color bags not leak sealing side is good, the temperature control of the hot knife has certain technical.After the qc inspectors inspection factory.
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