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Garbage bags are also good or bad points

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One of the essential necessities of plastic bags, especially in urban life is even more so. Although it is essential for daily necessities, every day in use, but Xiaobian can certainly understand the understanding of plastic bags, or even know nothing about. May feel like everyone in the plastic bags are the same, and no good or bad points, it is not true, take garbage bags for example
Commonly used garbage bags are mainly used in two, one is the ordinary vest bag, the other is point off the garbage bag. In order to deepen everyone's understanding of garbage bags Xiaobian specially prepared two pictures of garbage bags as shown below. Left: ordinary vest bag, right: point off the garbage bag .
Garbage bags are also good or bad points

In order to environmental protection now good garbage bags will be added in the production of biodegradable materials, making the stability of garbage bags to speed up the degradation rate of garbage bags in the wild, has reached the effect of protecting the environment. But because the bag itself or the existence of ordinary plastic bags, so only part of the degradation, the plastic bag is broken down into pieces only. If the use of 100% biodegradable materials, such as starch plastic bags, this plastic bag can be completely degraded in a short time naturally.
Different from the good garbage bags, poor quality garbage bags are mainly produced raw materials are recycled materials. This kind of garbage bags tend to bring a lot of taste, the greater the taste that the production of renewable materials worse. Not only so if you pull this garbage bag hard you will find that this garbage bag pull on the break, and not want other good garbage bags will be elongated deformation. So this kind of garbage bags are easy to break. Although it is easy to break but does not mean that they are naturally degraded by the time is short, on the contrary, to completely degrade such garbage bags at least a few hundred years of time.
Now we understand it, not all of the plastic bags are the same. Well, the above is the small series to share with you all the content, if you need to customize the plastic bag, you can through our plastic bag manufacturers website customer service platform to contact Xiaobian, Xiaobian will be the first time to reply to you.

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