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High temperature cooking bags composite ink in use should pay attention to what?

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High temperature cooking bags cooking compound ink in use should pay attention to the following:
    1. Use in printing ink should pay attention to distinguish between ordinary cooking type resistance, resistance to high temperature cooking and resistant to ultra high temperature cooking, according to actual needs.

High temperature cooking bags
High temperature cooking bags
    2. Cooking compound ink best for confirmation before resistance test, especially resistant to cooking compound ink and BOPA film compatibility, and resistant to cooking ink and compound compatibility by adhesives, lest affect printing and composite quality.Such as boiling resistance composite resins used in printing ink and the main agent of two-component polyurethane adhesives similar performance, due to the different activity of curing agent in different varieties of adhesives, there are many differences between using margin, with large space compatibility, ink printing design may appear after cooking composite bags wrinkling or delaminating phenomenon.
    3. If the ink cooking resistance is poor, high temperature cooking will appear after color change or fade phenomenon;In addition, the system in red cooking resistant composite ink (such as color such as pink, magenta or pink ink) printing in BOPA film as the outer layer material of high temperature cooking bags, often appear color penetration phenomenon, cause serious quality accidents.
    4. Cooking bags it is advisable to pattern design with concise and chromatic number shoulds not be too much.And, if used in printing printing methods, considering the follow-up process of composite strength and heat sealing strength, when designing the manuscript to avoid full printing, especially heat sealing parts of the packaging should be designed into transparent, not printed pattern.
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