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How can be regarded as a successful packaging bags

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How can be regarded as a successful packaging bags

The food industry and packaging technology is very close relationship.Food packaging design to keep up with The Times, if the same kind product packaging behind rivals, will be eliminated by market.If your products on the market a market stall, or sales growth rate is lower than the growth rate of total market, will check your packaging image, market positioning, consider to improve packaging design, to occupy the market with new packaging image.
1, feeling the packaging
Feel packaging can let consumer products for packing have an intuitive feeling, such as touch, vision or the sense of smell.Change feeling packing is mainly to set up an external overall feeling, such as smell, texture structure and visual effect.For example, some feel the smell of the packaging to extract the internal product to attract customers, such as bread, meat, chocolate or fruit smell, the smell of the extracted by fusion in adhesive or paint, make whole packaging has filled the tempting taste.Through this method can be established a link between products and consumers.Feel the packaging to maintain the integrity of the product has a very humane consideration.
2, intelligent packaging
Smart packing is mainly used in detecting structure or deviation of the materials.Testing packaging cardboard material density, for example, determine whether the cartons of producing enough stiffness to meet the needs of products, such as to ensure that the juice or milk not leak out.Using laser detecting technology, food packaging design of multiple parameters can be measured, such as packaging and printing ink of microstructure.Intelligent packaging can be included in the interior of the packaging into a lot of product information, it will combine to form a set of tags and monitoring system extension tracking system, is used to check the data of the products.Intelligent packaging through internal sensor or advanced bar code and the trademark information system, and by using the principle of feeling packing and function to track monitoring products.Using UV ink and EB can effectively avoid the barcode deformation, for more accurate detection data, you can also use the data or micro detection system to control the chip.
3, functional packaging
Such packing is in order to solve the packing problem related to the content of a scientific method.Have liquid packing box of the corrosion, the application of such packaging can make easy to decay products to maintain a longer time to fresh.Eliminate some defect product itself and the insufficiency and design of the packing box, such packaging add-ons can also extend the storage period of products, maintain product fresh taste.Functionalization is interference with packaging can effectively avoid the contents, have very good protection effect.

How can be regarded as a successful packaging bags

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