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How to reduce plastic bags consumables, how to reduce the packaging cost

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How to reduce plastic bags consumables, how to reduce the packaging cost

Packaging gravure industry in petroleum products as the main raw material, enter the energy-intensive industries.
Packaging gravure and composite processing, gravure press and composite machine in the discharge of waste gas containing organic solvent emissions system make the non-renewable resources waste, also caused severe environmental pollution.In the process of using organic solvents in volatile can cause indoor pollution and production safety.Current social background, the packaging gravure industry green production is the only way to do it.
1, to reduce the loss
Bags during processing, raw and auxiliary materials, the cost of inks and adhesives almost 70% ~ 80% to the total cost of the printing quality, materials, energy and waste of time (such as in volume, change) in the process of live parts, will result in an increase in costs, for the production and operation of an enterprise must try to minimize the waste in production, can effectively reduce the cost.
Packaging gravure boot debugging and misregister generated during the production of waste, the material loss caused by the biggest, if the fine adjustment of operation and process steps are closely linked, will be able to get a stable, predictable scrap value.At present, the domestic existing gravure equipment manufacturing enterprises based on the rapid preliminary alignment success, the latest technology, such as high precision tension control makes the gravure equipment cutting losses, restart the loss (alignment), changing single loss, restart storage before order loss, slow down to tiny mistakes such as the loss and loss, and even in some ways superior to the international advanced level.

How to reduce plastic bags consumables, how to reduce the packaging cost

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